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HVAC system replacements vary in price based on SEER rating, tonnage, and sereal other factors ranging pricing from 7k to 20k in some cases.
The life of an HVAC system depends on the amount of maintenance in gets during its lifetime. Older systems were built stronger and would last a bit longer. Today, your average well maintained system will run for 15-20 years.
During HVAC maintenance, you can expect a technician to fully inspect your entire system, inside and outside units, and all duct. We will change provided filters, clean drain lines if needed, and compose a list of any recommended repairs to get your system back to 100%.
Furnace repair pricing greatly varies depending on the type of repair that is needed. Typically, an average furnace repair will run around $300 including service fees.
The size of your HVAC system is determined by a list of factors. Size of the space, amount of windows/doors, insulation, any tree shade cast on the space, what appliances youll be using that put off heat etc. To have a system properly sized, call one of our qualified technicians.


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